Doctoral Student Advisory Council

Anabel Castillo
University of California, Merced
Beliefs about causes of learning and developmental disabilities; perceptions of developmental disabilities; spatial reasoning and dyslexia; dyslexia; twice-exceptionalities
Alyssa Henry
University of California, Davis
Council Chair
Communications Chair
Research Interests: autism spectrum disorder; reading development; social cognition; intervention research
Megan Ledoux
University of California, Riverside
autism spectrum disorder; training professionals in evidence based practice; parent training; classroom supports; classroom teacher preparation
Kevin Macpherson
University of California, Berkeley; San Francisco State University
Public Relations Chair
Research Interests: non-cognitive skills/ personal qualities; self-efficacy; self-regulation; grit; motivation; disability awareness; self-concept; self-determination; social-emotional learning
Jessica Miguel
University of California, San Diego
Autism spectrum disorder; parental advocacy; Mexican-heritage populations; language socialization; cultural capital; early intervention; special education; dual language immersion
Kyle Sterrett
University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: autism spectrum disorders; early intervention; school-based interventions; friendship; social communication development; language development; augmentative and alternative communication; measurement of clinical outcomes.
Sarah Vejnoska
University of California, Davis
Conference Chair
Academic Collaborations Chair
Research Interests: dissemination of evidence-based practices to underserved populations with autism; autism spectrum disorder; intervention implementation; parent engagement
Taffeta Wood
University of California, Irvine
Research and evidence-based interventions for students of diverse needs; developmental trajectories of diverse learners; teacher mindsets and their relation to student outcomes; technology for teachers to support diverse learners.